Father Fights Son in Court Over Multi-Million Estate

  • A father has taken his son to court over a Multi-Million estate dispute in GithunguriKiambu County.

    John Wambura Karoba, claimed that his son changed the property name registered as LR No Githunguri/Githiga/T408, after he (son) had discussions with land officials who later put the land on sale.

    However his son, Reuben Wambura Karoba, defended himself saying that the piece of land in question belonged to him and not the father. He further said that their father gave them other properties to build, but the disputed property did not belong to him. 

    The issue arose after one of Mr Wambura's stepsons went to court to claim the property, only for both to find out that the disputed property was under Reuben's name. The father who was a witness in the case, sidestepped his evidence and went further to ask the court for a restraining order on the disputed land.

    Reuben claimed that he had given his father Sh5 Million for the parcel of land, but the father denied the claims stating that his son had stolen from him.

    The case filed at Milimani High Courts, will be heard on November 5th.