Isaac Mwaura Exposes Evils in Raila's ODM Party that Would Cost Him the Presidency

Nominated Member of Parliament Isaac Mwaura has exposed four evils in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) that will pose a great hindrance for party leader Raila Odinga to become Kenya's fifth President in the August 8 poll.

Mwaura, who was a close ally of Mr Odinga before defecting to Jubilee, accused the former Prime Minister of discriminating against youthful candidates in the party because of their financial status.

According to the legislator, Odinga hands party tickets to older and more experienced politicians merely on the basis of the amount of money they can bring to the table.

"One of the reasons why RAILA will never be president is that, he doesn't value Youthful candidates because they do not have money to bribe him and the party for nominations tickets, this way all Youthful candidates will fall off along the way and will not be on the ballot and hence, their peers and relatives will have no reason to go vote," he alleged.

The MP claimed that the Orange Party was more interested in using the youth other than empowering them.

Narrating his own experience before being nominated in ODM, Mwaura claimed that Odinga had at one point tried to eject him from the party but he was saved by some high-ranking leaders.

"Raila wanted me removed from the party list, Anyang Nyong'o, Janet Ongera and Henry Kosgey are the ones I could credit for defending me," he noted.

Secondly, Mwaura disclosed that the party primaries scheduled to start in April would be unfair as Odinga had directed ODM Governors be handed direct tickets in order to defend their seats.

He added that these Governors, who are set to gain nomination tickets unfairly, are also dictating to the ODM leader on which MPs and MCAs the Party should field in the General Election.

Thirdly, the nominated MP mentioned that since his defection, he had realised how disorganised the Orange Party was, highlighting that this could also cost Odinga the Presidency.

"Having been in ODM, and now deeply in Jubilee, I understand the levels of disorganisation in ODM, and being the biggest partner in NASA they will definitely infect Wiper and ANC with that very disorganisation. Raila is a truly disorganised person who largely survives on the sheer force of personality.

"Raila will cancel all his meetings, that would add a lot of value to his campaign if you hurriedly presented him with an opportunity to address a mammoth crowd like the one Jubilee has just had at Tononoka grounds," Mwaura said.

Lastly, the lawmaker emphasised that Odinga was a retrogressive leader who thrives in propaganda.

"RAILA long lost the reform agenda. He banks on his hey days of the 90s but Kenyans have moved on. His brand of politics have been overtaken by time. He thrives in telling 'vitendawili' and propaganda, which Kenyans have now become soo used to.

Like Odinga's former aide Miguna Miguna, Mwaura opined that the ODM chief was a two-faced individual who is not the solution for Kenya.

"Raila looks attractive from afar but when you get to know him, he is not a reformer but a politician like any other. In fact, a two-faced individual who you will find so hard to trust," Mwaura concluded.