Joho Exposes Documents to Prove Uhuru Lied Over Sh40 Billion Given to Mombasa County

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho on Tuesday unveiled a document to prove that President Uhuru Kenyatta lied when he stated that his county had received over Sh40 Billion from the National Government.

In a press statement, Joho divulged that his administration was not aware of the money President Kenyatta alleged Mombasa had received.

"It has come to my attention, as is widely reported in media outlets, statements attributed to H.E. The President of Kenya to the effect that Mombasa County Government is the beneficiary of a collective Sh40 Billion in National disbursements since the onset of Devolution.

"However, we seem aware of only the following exchequer issues in equitable share and conditional grants since the inception of devolved Government," Joho mentioned.

The Mombasa Governor outlined the amounts of money he had received for the past four financial years which amounted to Sh16.4 Billion.

Mr Joho demanded the Government to hand his county the pending Sh23.6 Billion to enable him to carry out development projects in his County.

"We would like to humbly request verification and clarification of the said amount. We also wish to request the immediate disbursement of the Sh23 Billion in pending accounts. This will go a long way in solving our urgent development challenges," the statement read in part.

At the same time, Mombasa's Communications Director Richard Chacha highlighted that the Governor would not respond to Uhuru's previous threats while at the county.

"We do not want to take the Uhuru-Joho standoff further than that. For now, we want the matter to rest up. However, the Governor will be responding to the President's statement on political forums," Chacha told a local daily.

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Here is the document: