Joho's Announcement that Coast is an ODM Stronghold Angers NASA Leaders

  • Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho's bold declaration that the Coast region is an ODM zone is now threatening to disarray plans by parties in the National Super Alliance (NASA) to work in unity. 

    On Sunday, after he arrived in Mombasa from an over two-week trip of the US, Joho termed the Coast an ODM zone and announced the start of a vigorous campaign for party leader Raila Odinga’s presidential bid.

    He went further to dismiss his rivals for the Governor's seat, including his colleagues in NASA, as non-starters.

    “As you all know, Mombasa is an ODM zone. Our competitor is Jubilee and it is ODM candidates who will carry the day in August. The others have no chance whatsoever,” said Mr Joho

    Joho's remarks now seem to have irked Wiper Secretary-General Hassan Omar, who is also the Mombasa Senator, and Nyali MP Hezron Awiti, who are seeking to dethrone him. 

    On Monday, Senator Omar and Awiti separately lashed out at the Mombasa Governor accusing him of hiding behind Raila to avoid taking responsibility for his poor performance.  

    The Wiper Secretary General dismissed Joho's assertion that the Coast was an ODM zone noting that Wiper won seats in Lamu, Kilifi, Tana River and Taita-Taveta in 2013.

     “In Lamu, the governor is from UDF and senator Jubilee. Wiper won a number of seats in Lamu. In Tana River, the governor is from Wiper. In Mombasa, Mr Joho got 130,000 votes against Wiper candidate’s 94,000. Wiper candidates also performed well in other Coast counties,” Mr Omar said in an interview with the Nation.

    On his part, Mr Awiti laughed off the Governor's sentiments that Wiper has no place in the county.

    “Tell him to wait and see. Let him wait for the shock of his life because he is going home. He should start packing his things to go home on August 8,” he said.

    According to Awiti, Joho's remarks lacked respect for a coalition partner in NASA and it was “unfortunate the remarks had come from Mr Joho who is ODM deputy party leader”.

    “Tell Governor Joho that Wiper is going to sweep the board. We will win the governor, senator, woman rep, MP and several of the MCA seats. We have prepared well and let him stop dreaming that he can win the governor’s seat,” the MP added. 

    Meanwhile,  the Wiper secretary-general insisted his party would field candidates for various seats in all the Coast counties and will not participate in the NASA joint nominations in the region.