Kenya and Britain Mark New Friendship Ties

  • Kenya has renewed its 40-year-old agreement with the British Government that will see British soldiers resume training on Kenyan soil, ending the long diplomatic row between the two governments.

    The pact which was reached by President Uhuru Kenyatta and United Kingdom's Prime Minister David Cameron would allow around 10,000 soldiers to train at two bases in Kenya each year.

    The agreement which is worth Sh9.1 Billion per year is set to benefit the Kenyan economy immensely and also provide high-tech training to the Kenyan armed forces.

    During the United Nations General Assembly Kenyatta met Cameron and the two leaders agreed to reset the previously tense relationship. 

    “It is time for us to reset our relationship and put the past behind us,” UK's PM said after meeting President Kenyatta at the UN General Assembly in New York.

    Last year however, the agreement between the two governments was halted after British soldiers were accused of serious offences including murder but escaped prosecution because of a perceived immunity enjoyed from the military deal.

    Attempts to prosecute the soldiers failed even after President Kenyatta said the soldiers be tried in Kenya rather than UK.

    It is reported however, that in the new pact Britain agreed that soldiers committing offenses in Kenya would be tried in the country.

    The relationship between the two nations was more strained after Kenyatta's election in 2013, as Britain distanced itself from Kenya because of the criminal charges the head of state was facing at the International Criminal Courts (ICC), for alleged involvement in the post election violence maintaining only essential communication.

    Britain has also been on record for issuing travel advisories to its citizens against Kenya, a move that injured the country's tourism sector.

    Cameron is reportedly due to visit Kenya early next year for bilateral engagements between the two Governments.

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