Man Arrested For Rearing 8 Snakes And 22 Tortoises

  • Residents of Msambweni, Kwale county were treated to a spectacle of sorts when the Kenya Wildlife Services officers and the police arrested a man for illegally rearing snakes and tortoises in his house.

    The 50 year old man is said to have made a reputation for himself as a snake charmer.

    Although he did not have a license, the charmer seems to have made a living out of keeping the animals, attracting tourists.

    KWS officers took eight different kinds of snakes and 22 tortoises from the suspect's home in the Sunday incident.

    According to The Standard, the confiscated animals include four pythons, two speed cobras, three puff adders, two boomlangs, two green spotted mambas and 24 tortoises

    The officers faulted the man for mistreating the reptiles, as well as putting himself and his neighbors in danger.

    He is set to be charged in court Monday.


    File photo: Python.