Man Charged with Trying to Blow Up Plane Destined for Nairobi

  • A man was Tuesday arraigned before a Mombasa court for endangering the safety of passengers and an aircraft on April 22.

    Mr Shafi Abdullahim while on board the plane at Moi International Airport,  at 10.50 am  is said to have behaved in a disorderly manner and threatened to blow up the aircraft, which was set to leave for Nairobi at 11.25am.

    Through his lawyer Gikandi Ngibuini, Abdullahim has denied attempting to blow up the plane pleading with the Mombasa court to grant him a surety bond with an alternative of cash bail.

    Presiding magistrate Irene Ruguru directed that Mr Abdullahim be released on a Ksh 500,000 bond with a surety of a similar amount.

    Abdullahim was also  taken for a psychological examination.

    Image of Mombasa Law Courts