Mutahi Ngunyi Explains Why Uhuru Should be Vicious

After President Uhuru Kenyatta's recent public outbursts, which have been characterised by abusive words, political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi now opines that the Head of State ought to be even more ruthless.

In his opinion piece titled: A tough Uhuru. A sick Raila. A Troubled NASA, Prof. Ngunyi advised the President to change and become more mean and vicious, stating that being nice would take him nowhere politically.

He warned Kenyatta that his opponent Raila Odinga, was 'crude and destructive', therefore, he needs to change drastically in order to survive.

"Raila is a reckless, old and jobless man. He is also destructive, calculative and effective...If he cannot have the Presidency, Raila will pee all over it and this is what he is doing right now," Ngunyi said.

According to the political analyst, Uhuru ought to be more abrasive since Mr Odinga constantly bullies him and he (Raila) cannot change.

"Uhuru is too nice and there is nothing as attractive to a bully as a nice person. Uhuru's niceness has bred the disruption in Raila and this is why we must change Uhuru.

"If we change him from a nice person to a mean vicious and aggressive person, the country will be safe. If the country falls apart, we will not blame Raila, we will blame Uhuru and this is why the man to change in my view is Uhuru," Ngunyi opined.

The analyst congratulated Kenyatta for the scathing attacks he has been launching at Opposition leaders including Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, noting that the change of tact was a smart move.

Last week, President Kenyatta was captured hurling insults during a verbal exchange with Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok.

At the same time, on Monday the Head of State castigated Mr Joho in Mombasa telling him that he (Uhuru) was not his wife.