Njee Muturi and Jomo Gecaga: Powerful Men in President Uhuru Kenyatta's Kitchen Cabinet

  • Sources within State House have revealed the two most influential men in President Uhuru Kenyatta's closely knit kitchen cabinet.

    The two are Solicitor General Njee Muturi and Uhuru's nephew-cum-Personal Assistant Jomo Gecaga.

    Gecaga is reported to have great influence at State House and he apparently has the final say on which politicians get to see the President.

    "He (Gecaga) is one of the most feared and respected confidants of the President. The President trusts him a lot and this makes him one of the decision makers within the inner sanctum of power," the source conveyed.

    Those close to the Uhuru's Personal Assistant say that despite his quiet and likeable appearance, he is cunning and zealous.

    "For any politician apart from, say, the Deputy President and those who have direct access to the President like Speaker Justin Muturi and Leader of the Majority Aden Duale, Gecaga has to authorize any political appointment with the President," the source outlined.

    The Solicitor General is said to be Uhuru's chief consultant on all legal matters, outshining the Attorney General. 

    "The President is very close to Njee and most of the time you will see him consulting Njee on legal issues. Prof. Githu comes to state House but not as often as Njee," the source told The Standard.

    The prominent lawyer's influence stretches to parliament where Members of Parliament claim that he pushes for matters that are of interest to the President.

    "Anytime we see him around we know that there is something the President wants done," explained an MP from Central Kenya who refused to be named.

    Deputy William Ruto, Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta and her brother George Muhoho, Chief of Staff Joseph Kinyua and the President's younger brother Muhoho Kenyatta are also said to be among the close confidants and family members President Uhuru relies on for advice.