No More Pangas and Knives on Lamu Streets

  • Lamu residents have been cautioned against carrying pangas out in public, this coming as a directive from the County Commissioner. 

    Fredrick Ndambuki, Lamu County Commissioner, said that those found walking around with knives or pangas would be arrested and charged.

    Ndambuki issued the ban after a panga-carrying gang murdered two men in Lamu and Mbwajumwali.

    The County Commissioner asked residents not to solve their conflicts amongst themselves, instead they should contact the relevant authorities.

    Ndambuki also ordered police officers in the region to conduct thorough searches in Lamu East, where the murders occured frequently.

    Lamu East Member of Parliament, Athman Shariff, supported Ndambuki's statement urging the residents to give the police any information on these dangerous gangs in order to stop the killings.

    “Our children are killing each other like chicken. I don’t want to believe that we are raising murderers but even then, we must do something to change this generation from ending up down the drain. We must work with the police,” he said.

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