Obama’s Powerful Message on Women Empowerment

Barack Obama’s speech at Kasarani on Sunday was motivating and challenging at the same time.

The US President took the opportunity to admonish cultural practices that have long taken women for granted for centuries.

Obama spoke passionately about the need to empower women in order to develop the nation.

“Any nation that fails to educate its girls or employ its women and allow them to maximize their potential is doomed to fall behind the global economy,” Obama said

He equated the situation of repressing women to having a team, in which half the team doesn’t play.

He also spoke of the outlawed tradition of female genital mutilation and early marriages, further condemning the practices which he said did not belong in the 21st Century.

He acknowledged the strides made by women in ensuring that women and girls are given the same opportunities men get.

He lauded the efforts of women like Josephine Kulea who has been fighting against female genital mutilation, Wangari Maathai who fought for environment conservation and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta for her efforts in reducing infant mortality rate.

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