PHOTOS: Sonko to Adopt Another Baby

  • Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has finally come to the rescue of a Kakamega woman, Hellen Nasieki, who has been living in abject poverty despite her determination to make ends meet.

    Mike Sonko reached out to Nasieki after hearing the touching story on how the woman had been struggling to bring up her family amid unfortunate circumstances. 

    The Nairobi Senator shared the story of Nasieki on his Facebook page on Sunday, noting that he still did not know how to help her alongside her one and half year old child.

    Nasieki only owns a wheelbarrow which she uses to hawk sweet potatoes, to help her raise Sh30 for her daily house fee and put a meal on the table.

    On Monday, the flamboyant Senator invited Hellen, her daughter Christine and the Good Samaritan Ndung'u Nyoro who brought the matter to his attention, for a lunch meeting at his office.

    Sonko requested Nasieki to allow him adopt her daughter Christine and to employ her (Nasieki) as his home assistant.

    He also paid her rent for the next one year, and fully stocked her business with both his money and the cash raised through Ndung'u Nyoro's friends.

    “ I also bought household items for her including blankets, mattresses, utensils, and other food stuff so as to assist her start her new life,” said Sonko through a Facebook post.

    Last year, Sonko took in baby Satrin Osinya and his brother Gift after a successful operation to remove a bullet that was lodged in Osinya's head. He added that he did not intend to separate the boys from their father but find a way to assist their family.