Police Officer Breaks into Song During Vetting

A traffic police officer on Tuesday broke into a song when he was put to task by the vetting board to explain Sh100,000 he earned a year ago. 

Constable John Ngugi stationed in Kisumu revealed to the panel that he was a secular musician with many songs online.

Ngugi amused the panel at the Tom Mboya Labour College when the National Police Service Commission chairman Johnson Kavuludi asked him to perform one of his songs.

The officer's performance was, however, cut short when one panellist challenged his argument of making money in music royalties given that big musicians complain about poor pay. 

“I used to make a lot of money during my time in Nairobi. I have not been lucky enough in Kisumu since most of my songs are sang in my local Kikuyu language," Ngugi claimed.

At the commencement of NPSC sitting in Kisumu, 302 traffic officers were fired after they failed to produce the required documents including M-Pesa and bank statements.

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