Raila Offers Solution To Migingo Island Dispute

  • Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader Raila Odinga has offered President Uhuru Kenyatta a solution to the ongoing dispute over possession of Migingo island.

    Addressing a rally in Siaya County, a tough talking Odinga told Kenyatta to quit negotiating and order immediate withdrawal of Ugandan officers from the island in order to end  mistreatment of Kenyans by the Ugandan authorities.

    “President Uhuru should stop begging his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni over Migingo Island and lay full claim to the island,” he remarked.

    The former Prime Minister took issue with several harassment cases of Kenyans and questioned why the President was taking the matter casually without considering Kenya's sovereignty.

    “Uhuru is laughing with Museveni while the Uganda Defence Force army is terrorising innocent Kenyans on the island. Migingo is within the Kenyan territory from colonial times and we cannot cede it,” Raila emphatically stated.

    The Opposition leader declared that time for dialogue was over and the country had to take firm actions to end the row over the island spanning five years.

    “Enough is enough. Ugandan soldiers must now leave the island. They have nothing to do in Migingo. Let them come out at once,” Mr Odinga ordered.

    Several leaders have raised questions concerning how the government was handling the dispute, after a Chief and an Administration Police Officer were allegedly beaten up by their Ugandan counterparts.

    This was preceded by an earlier report that two IEBC registration clerks had been arrested and their equipment confiscated by the Ugandan authorities.