Raila Rubbishes Uhuru Ivory Burning

  • Opposition leader Raila Odinga has rubbished Saturday's burning of ivory stockpiles as a public relations gimmick by the Jubilee Administration designed to please the international community.

    Raila said that the poachers and the kingpins behind the poaching syndicate in the country enjoyed their freedom ridiculing the burning spectacle.

    “These people are known and they were probably just laughing as the ivory went up in flames. They are known and should be arrested and punished. We should shame them publicly instead of burning stockpiles of ivory,” the former Prime Minister noted while speaking in Meru County.

    Odinga was accompanied by 14 MPs from ODM where he officially opened the regional party office.

    On Saturday, President Uhuru Kenyatta joined other world leaders and Holywood celebrities in setting fire to 105 tonnes of ivory and 1.35 tonnes of rhino horns at the Nairobi National Park to underline Kenya's resolve to tackle run away poaching in the country.

    Amid debate on why Kenya was burning the ivory instead of selling it and using the proceeds to conserve the environment, the Head of State said:  “While I agree that Kenya is a poor country, we have a rich heritage. Those who say this act will not work and that poaching will be on the rise, time has come to fight these vices.”

    President Kenyatta was cheered on by world leaders, dignitaries and celebrities at the ceremony conducted at the Nairobi National Park.

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