Rescue Operations Intensify as Death Toll Hits 2200

  • The fatality numbers in Nepal have risen to over 2200 deaths and over 4500 people injured, as fresh aftershocks hit the Nepal capital of Kathmandu causing fresh avalanches at the base of Mount Everest after Saturday’s earthquake.

    The earthquake hit large parts of Nepal, initially killing about 1800 people and causing avalanches that killed 10 people at the base of Mount Everest where hundreds of mountaineers had gathered for the start of the annual climbing season. The Everest deaths are now at 17.

    Rescue teams continue to frantically dig through the rubble from building s torn down by the quake, as others airlift survivors from the base of Mount Everest.

    With no electricity, congested communication lines and lack of sufficient staff the situation on the ground is fast becoming cause for concern. The hospitals in the area are so full that the rescue teams have been forced to set up emergency camps outside the hospitals.This is the worst disaster to have hit the nation in close to a century.

    Offers of help continued pouring in from the international community.  The European Union and United States have pledged to send in disaster response teams, while Google has opened its personal finder tool to aid relief efforts.

    Fresh aftershocks cause more damage.