Residents left in Terror After Intimidation by Al Shabaab

  • Yumbis village has become the center of attention, raising concerns as conflicting reports continue trickling in on what exactly happened Thursday night.

    An official statement by the ministry of Interior and Coordination through spokesman Mwenda Njoka indicated Kenya Defense Forces had thwarted a planned terrorist attack on Yumbis village in Garissa county after residents raised alarm when they noticed the presence of the heavily armed militia.

    Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said via a tweet, that Al Shabaab had been ambushed while in search for food and water.

    Meanwhile, The Standard reported that the locals had earlier claimed that the militia had taken over installations and tried to hoist their flag but their attempted attack was stopped by the KDF.

    The Nation on the other hand gives a different version of events.

    According to the report, around 20 Al Shabaab militia actually invaded the said village, rounded up the villagers, had them sit on open ground and forced them to listen to a six hour lecture on religion.

    Terrified villagers allegedly sat through the cold from 3 pm until the militia allowed them back into their homes at 10 pm.

    KDF soldiers are said to have been ambushed by Al Shabaab on their way to the scene.

    The paper further quotes Fafi sub-County Commissioner Geoffrey Taragon as having confirmed the incident as well as the terrorists having hoisted their flag at an abandoned Administration Police post.

    This comes a day after members of the terrorist group took hostage of two mosques in Garissa and forced faithfuls to listen to their extremist messages for two hours before taking off.

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    The Thursday night attackers are said to have left Yumbis Village in the morning after morning prayers.

    Security forces last night ambushed an Al Shabaab mob, found harassing locals for food & water Yumbis, Ijara. Attempted incursion repulsed.

    — Joseph Boinnet (@JBoinnet) May 22, 2015

    File: Al Shabaab militia.