Fear as Al Shabaab Storm into Mosques in Garissa and Threaten Traitors

  • Locals were left fearing for their lives after two groups, believed to be al shabaab militia conducted simultaneous raids on two mosques in Ijara, Garissa county.

    The two heavily armed groups stormed into mosques in Tumtish and Kabasalo villages as faithfuls had gathered for prayers and forced them to listen to incitement speeches against the Kenyan government, civil servants and security forces for two hours before disappearing.

    The terrorist who made an entrance into the mosques at around 6 pm Tuesday, are said to have also read out the names of people they described as spies of the Kenyan Government and others whom they said were traitors, intimidating residents.

    Ironically, the group of about 25 militants managed to carry out the exercise and escape despite Kabasalo being about 10km from a military post while Tumtish is about eight kilometers from a Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) post.

    The raid comes in the same week Ethiopian forces are said to have crossed the Kenyan border illegally.

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    Speaking to The Standard, Hulugho OCPD Caleb Matoke said security forces had received intelligence that the group which raided mosques in Garissa had been sent by Mohammed Kuno.

    Kuno is a wanted terror suspect on who's head the Kenyan Government placed a 20 million bounty after investigations revealed that he was the master mind behind the Garissa University College attack which left 148 people dead.

    He is however believed not to have gone on the missions and instead sent Mohamed Bilal, another terror suspect to head to simultaneous mosque raids.

    No one was injured in the two incidents.

    Investigations into the matter are underway.


    File: Al Shabaab militia.