REVEALED: How Waiguru's Office 'Wasted' Millions in Piano, Condom Dispensers Purchase

  • Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru's docket is once again on the spot over alleged misuse of public funds.

    According to a list released by the Parliamentary Accounts Committee chaired by Nicholas Gumbo, the Ministry is under fire for spending Sh8 Billion on questionable purchases, some of which are outrageous.

    Among the expenses considered most extravagant, was the purchase of a Sh1.7 Million touch screen television, carpets worth Sh3.8 Million and 18 condom dispensers at Sh450,000.

    In the newly released report, the Devolution docket was also found to have made the following purchases:

    1. Piano for office use at Sh235,500.

    2. Photocopier machine at Sh1.4 Million.

    3. 20 blue, fine-tipped ball point pens at Sh174,000

    4. Computers, a printer, telephone headsets and a water dispenser at Sh1.4 Million.

    5. 45 external hard disks at Sh11,102 each.

    6. Laptop bought for Sh206,000.

    7. 18 customized condom dispensers at Sh450,000

    8. Anti-virus software at Sh973,780.

    9. Computer software at Sh1.9 Million.

    10. 100 4 GB flash disks at Sh250,000.

    11. Sh12 million for an office partition

    The Parliament Accounts Committee discovered the discrepancies while examining the Devolution account files that were submitted by the Auditor General.

    Waiguru and her Principal Secretary Peter Mang'iti, have been on the spot and are still being investigated over another Sh791 Million scandal at the National Youth Service.

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    The Devolution CS has been under fire with both government and Opposition leaders asking her to step down to allow for investigations into allegations facing her Ministry.

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