REVEALED: Kibaki Earns More than Uhuru, Ruto Combined

  • Former President Mwai Kibaki earns more money than the combined salaries of his successor Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.

    According to Treasury documents, the ex-Commander-in-chief will pocket a whopping Sh58.82 Million in the current financial year, in personal and medical allowances, compared to the Sh36.63 Million which President Kenyatta and Ruto will take home in the same period.

    The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) entitles President Kenyatta to a salary range of between Sh1.23 Million and Sh1.65 Million monthly, meaning his maximum annual pay comes to about Sh19.8 Million.

    On the other hand, the Deputy President receives a monthly pay of between Sh1.05 Million and Sh1.4 Million capping his annual pay at Sh16.8 Million.

    Interestingly, the figures channeled to the former Head of State have been increasing annually even as the Treasury and the Presidency try to implement tight austerity programmes, to free up cash for development and provision of basic services such as security, health and education.

    Mini-budget documents tabled in Parliament two weeks ago, showed that  spending on Mr Kibaki had been increased to cater for his publicity budget as well as pay temporary staff working in his office.

    The Business Daily reports that spending on Mr Kibaki’s office has increased by Sh36.3 Million above the Sh66.9 Million the Treasury had set aside for the retired president in the current financial year.

    Kibaki’s huge retirement package has since prompted the National Taxpayers Association - a lobby group - to oppose the hefty increments, saying the decision was overburdening the taxpayer without any corresponding socio-economic benefits.

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