REVEALED: Most Dangerous Gangs in Nairobi

  • A survey conducted by three institutions has revealed the most dangerous criminal gangs operating in Nairobi.

    According to the report released on Tuesday, Gaza gang, a notorious group based in Kayole, Superpower in Eastleigh and the 40 Brothers of Eastlands were the most lethal groups in the City.

    The research by University of Edinburg, the Danish Institute Against Torture and the Independent Medico Legal Unit outlined that gangs were responsible for 43 per cent of violence in slums while police contribution to the problem stands at 25 per cent.

    The study further noted that most violent incidents occured at household level and the perpetrators resided in the neighbourhood.

    “Almost half, 46 per cent, of the perpetrators of violence reside within the immediate neighbourhood followed by those who live outside the village at 32 per cent,” Mwangaza Light Managing Director Catrine Shroff was quoted by the Nation.

    Last year 50 members of the Kayole Gaza group surrendered to the police after they were offered amnesty, following the issuance of a shoot to kill order by the Government.

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