This Significant Event in Nyeri May Cause Leadership Change

  • Panic gripped residents of Nyeri town after a Mugumo tree fell on Friday afternoon. The tree is said to have been growing in the homestead of former Kieni MP Chris Murungaru.

    According to a witness, the tree fell naturally destroying other crops around it. In the Kikuyu traditions, the tree was used for religious purposes and was highly respected and was not supposed to be felled as this would bring a curse to the community.

    Following the incident, the community's elders are reported to have been informed about the matter and scheduled a meeting to assess the situation.

    “Elders are yet to meet since we received the news. But in a few days, we shall inspect the place before we give a report on whether the tree is sacred or not,” said one of the elders.

    A similar 300-year-old Mugumo tree which fell in 2012 was interpreted to mean a generational change in terms of leadership.

    The Kikuyu community is said to highly value the Mugumo tree and a fall could even mean harm to the community. Area residents remain anxious over the interpretation the elders would give regarding the matter this time round.