Sonko Grilled At EACC Offices

  • Nairobi senator Mike Sonko on Friday morning made his way to EACC offices at Integrity House to answer questions over corruption allegations.

    Sonko is accused of allegedly influencing the award of a Kenya Pipeline Company tender. Sonko and Energy Cabinet secretary Davis Chirchir were allegedly to get 1.35 billion shillings from the deal.

    Following the president Uhuru Kenyatta's order for those named in the EACC report to step down to allow for investigations, Sonko wrote to senate speaker Ekwe Ethuro asking to be excused from senate proceedings.

    Ethuro granted the request and granted a sixty day leave to Sonko.

    Other leaders mentioned in the EACC report stepped aside and are still being grilled by EACC officials.

    Maara Member of Parliament Kareke Mbiuki and committee member Mary Wambui were also questioned during Friday's grilling.