Sossion Walks Out of Meeting on 'Punishing Dirty Teachers'

Top officials of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) on Monday failed to attend the launch of teachers' code of conduct by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

It is reported that Secretary General Wilson Sossion and Chairman Mudzo Nzili left minutes before the launch.

Both KNUT and TSC were reportedly supposed to participate in the occasion after holding a morning meeting at the Mombasa Beach Hotel.

Seemingly dissatisfied by the TSC document, on his way out, Nzili refused to address the press but only said: “Our lawyers are currently going through these documents. I don’t want to talk about it now because we don’t have a decision yet”.

“What you the press have managed to capture is just the launch of a piece of paper. If you want news then you can wait so that we give you our reaction," he added.

During the launch, stringent rules were introduced including punishment for untidy teachers and those who show dishonesty in their work.

"And in particular, (a teacher) will maintain a neat and decent standard of dressing which befits the dignity and image of the teaching service," reads part of the new rules.

TSC Chairperson Lydia Nzomo said that the code of conduct and ethics was to bring professionalism back to the education sector.

"The code will affect all registered teachers whether in private or public practice. The code is aimed at improving quality education and protecting the child," stated Nzomo.

Besides being tidy, all tutors shall observe official working hours and meet deadlines.

The document was presented to TSC County Directors and principals of both secondary and primary schools.



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