Suspected Gangsters Shot Dead by Police During Robberies

  • Four suspected gangsters have been shot dead by police in separate incidents where two robberies, both within Nairobi went wrong.

    The first of the two Tuesday night encounters took place in Mukuru kwa Reuben slum where an armed gang of five allegedly attacked a bar, ordering the revelers to lie down and hand over their valuables.

    Police, responding to raised alarm arrived as the operation was ongoing and the ensuing battle saw three assailants get killed while two escaped on foot.

    The fourth suspect, said to be a member of a gang that has been terrorizing Dandora residents at night was killed in another failed robbery incident in the area.

    Police have increased patrols in Nairobi, in the wake of increased armed robbery incidents within and around the city.

    The four bodies were taken to City mortuary.

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