Tanzanian and Nigerian Students Engage in Dramatic Fight in Nairobi

  • A fierce battle reportedly ensued today morning, pitting foreign students from a private university in Nairobi.

    The students -Nigerian and Tanzanian nationals- are said to have clashed over girls whom they had spent the night with at a club.

    According to Nairobi News , the students had been drinking at a Shisha bar, near a mall along Thika road, before the disagreement ensued at 6am when it was time to leave.

    Witnesses at the bar claim that the Tanzanians drove away with the girls to their rented apartments near the mall, prompting the Nigerian brodas to give a chase.

    On realizing that their pursuers were catching up with them, the Tanzanians allegedly abandoned their vehicles and went into hiding under other cars parked in the parking lot at their apartment.

    The Nigerians are said to have turned their wrath on one of the cars belonging to one of the Tanzanian student, smashing the windows as they ranted aloud.

    The Tanzanians remained in their hiding until their West African colleagues had left.

    THE GIRL IS MINE! Drama as foreign students fight over Kenyan girls – PHOTOS http://t.co/giAC39oC2u pic.twitter.com/0U6uBiAyhc

    — Nairobi News (@Nairobi_News) July 10, 2015

    Image of broken windscreen