Tourists Now Required To Have E-Visas to Fly Into Kenya

Tourists may be barred from travelling to Kenya if they do not have a copy of their Electronic Visa card (E-visa).

A printed e-visa will now have to be presented to the immigration officers, at the point of entry into Kenya, by all individuals travelling into the country.

The mandatory electronic visa application will be introduced in the country from September 1.

Speaking on behalf of Kenya Airways, Redhouse Public Relations said the new rules were announced on July 1, but the government gave a grace period expiring at the end of August, The Star reports.

Tourists wishing to visit Kenya will have to register their information on the electronic visa page, upload a digital passport photo and submit the application.

The applictaion will be processed by the Department of Immigration Services.

The new technology is a security measure, meant to prevent persons with ill motives, disguising themselves as tourists, from entering into the country.