Uhuru Added Sh212 Million for Entertainment

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has received an additional Sh212 Million to cater for his entertainment and domestic travels.

    According to the mini-budget tabled in parliament last week, the catering and entertainment allocation for the Presidency was revised upwards by Sh182 Million pushing the figure to Sh583 Million.

    For local travel, Uhuru was awarded an extra Sh30 Million on top of Sh176.9 Million.

    The President has previously been criticised for overspending taxpayers money on foreign travels that critics termed, unnecessary.

    The extra allocation comes despite numerous calls by President Kenyatta for state departments to cut down on spending in a bid to have more money channelled towards development projects.

    The austerity drive, however, has seemingly failed to gain momentum with State House getting extra funding instead of cuttings.

    In February, Uhuru asked all government agencies including county governments to cut their budgets for travel and allowances to public officers by 50 percent.

    In the 2016/017 financial year, the Presidency was allocated Sh3 Billion while Office of the Deputy President was allocated Sh2 Billion.

    During the fiscal year ending June 2016, State House received Sh2.94 billion while the DP's office got Sh1.92 billion.