VIDEO: Uhuru Shames Kenya in Israel

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has sparked a wave of mixed reactions among Kenyans after he described the country as a nation where its citizens have a specialty in 'stealing and politicking'. 

    Speaking at a forum in Israel attended by Kenyan students on Wednesday, President Kenyatta stated: "In Kenya we are experts in stealing, insulting each other, promoting tribalism and many other misdeeds."

    Even so, the President acknowledged that Kenya was a nation way blessed with resources than Israel.

    "Also us Kenyans God has blessed as with a country that is twenty times better than the one we are in (Israel)," Kenyatta stated.
    President Kenyatta's remarks got many talking with some criticising him saying it was inappropriate for him to make such sentiments while in a foreign country, where he was expected to market the country to potential investors. 

    #SoTNKE It's thieves and those meant to pursue them who shout loudest about collective responsibility for theft. @MumbiKenya @NationFMKe

    — gathara (@gathara) February 25, 2016

    Uhuru you should apologise to Kenyans whycall Kenyans thieves while in Israel? You should have said I appointed @BenjiNdolo @MumbiKenya

    — Muya Rodrick (@shibwec) February 25, 2016

    #SOTNKE @MumbiKenya @NationFMKe when uhuru says kenyans r gud at stealing etc he does knw he is included as a kenyan. Sad leadership.

    — hamudi balala (@hamudi_za) February 25, 2016

    Others faulted the President saying that apart from announcing it to the world, he ought to take drastic action to stem the runaway theft of public funds in the country. 

    I think uhuru is just incompetent...he cant do nothing..he is equally lost .@mumbikenya #SOTNKE

    — Ethan Bauer Bosire (@IGNateM) February 25, 2016

    #SOTNKE when Uhuru complains about Kenyans makes me wonder who is leading the country

    — Muema Alfred (@muema_alfred1) February 25, 2016

    President Kenyatta's remarks come in the face of glaring incidents of looting of public funds, with multi-million scandals unfolding each passing day.

    The Head of State's remarks echoed previous sentiments by Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, who referred to Kenya as a bandit economy run by corrupt business people and powerful politicians. 

    In a January interview with a Dutch Newspaper, Mutunga said that Kenyans were at war with corrupt and influential cartels which have been crippling the economy by collecting millions every day.

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    Watch Video Courtesy of NTV:


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