'Mafia Style' Cartels Running Kenya - CJ Mutunga

  • Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has vehemently claimed that Kenya is at war with 'mafia style' cartels run by corrupt business people and powerful politicians.

    In an interview with Koert Lindijer, the Africa correspondent of Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, Mutunga said that Kenyans are now at war with corrupt and influential cartels which have been crippling the economy by collecting millions every day.

    “The influence of the cartels is overwhelming. They are doing illegal business with politicians. If we do not fight the cartels, we become their slaves,” he said.

    According to the Chief Justice, corruption in the country has been worsening due to competition by large cartels which have been making money through illegal businesses.

    "What happens now in Kenya with corruption has become a very serious war between cartels. Whenever there is a change of government, some cartels benefit and others lose out. And those that lose out don't go out quietly," Mutunga added.

    The CJ reportedly blamed weak structures which have failed to tackle the menace given that the cartels operate along ethnic loyalties.

    "Yes, I am now at the top. I'm riding a tiger, hoping that the monster will not devour me. But as long as I fight the cartels and they are protected, you cannot achieve anything. You are taking these people into a corrupt investigating system, through a corrupt anti-corruption system, and a corrupt Judiciary," CJ Mutunga told the paper.

    Mutunga who was sworn into office after promulgation of the New Constitution has been on the forefront of implementing reforms in the Judiciary, with an aim of improving service delivery withing the court system.