'Witch Doctor' Accuses Mpuri Aburi For Asking him to Prank Meru Locals

  • Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi is on the spot for playing tricks on an alleged witch doctor during a political meeting at Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi's home.

    During the rally, Mr Aburi invited a man identified as James Mugambi Borongo aka Kaana ka Njoka who masqueraded as a witch and cast a death spell on anyone who would not vote for Murungi in the next poll.

    Borongo divulged to the Standard that Aburi hoodwinked him to stage the act during the meeting for comic relief.

    He denied being a witch doctor and highlighted that he was an elder at a local Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) church and a former pastor.

    Borongo apologised to the Meru people following the act which had backfired badly and hurt Mr Murungi.

    According to reports, the PEFA leadership is now seeking Aburi to explain why he had linked its members to black magic.

    On Saturday, the juju man cautioned Meru locals who will not vote for Mr Murungi in the Gubernatorial race, noting that the incumbent Peter Munya was no longer their choice.

    "I am equipped with poison. When you get close to Mpuru, I can bite you and you cannot survive. Mpuru has convinced me to play as a defender in Kiraitu’s bid and I can assure you whoever plays with him, I will spit on him and he will not survive," he said.

    Aburi noted: "His other name is Kaana ka Njoka. If you don’t support Kiraitu Murungi and he points at you, you are no more. Everyone knows him and we are out to prove to you that in Tigania we are not supporting Munya."

    However, Murungi distanced himself from the witch doctor's remarks stating that he was a Christian.