Uhuru's Cousin Apologizes Over Anti-Raila Comments

President Uhuru Kenyatta's cousin, Captain (retired) Kung'u Muigai
Former President Uhuru Kenyatta's cousin, Captain (retired) Kung'u Muigai

President Uhuru Kenyatta's cousin, Kung'u Muigai issued an apology over comments he made after the Head of State-endorsed Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga.

Captain (retired) Kung'u Muigai, who is the Kikuyu National Council of Elders Patron, stated that his comments were not a reflection of his respect and support of the President. He also disputed reports in the media that alleged he had criticized his cousin in the press.

He explained that his family and friends know that he is not the kind of person to address or make negative comments about the President as he still holds Uhuru in high regard.

Uhuru's cousin Kungu Muigai follows the proceedings of a past court case

During an interview aired by NTV, Kung'u Muigai maintained that he did not mean to embarrass President Kenyatta and he was indeed sorry since his comments were taken out of context.

"My respect for the President of the Republic of Kenya is unquestionable and I have proved it over and over again. I have stood with him in all his political endeavours and there is no way, there is no way that I would criticize him for his actions or his decisions. It is unthinkable, moreso in the press."

"I am privileged that I have access to H.E the President at any time and it is unfathomable to my family and to my friends that I would have the audacity to address His Excellency through the media," Muigai intimated.  

The Kikuyu National Council of Elders Patron assured the President that he had exercised his democratic right by expressing his own views-which he insisted were taken out of context. 

Cpt (Rtd) Kung'u stated that he was disappointed in the article which was written in a local daily and reiterated that he is an elder and he takes his role with a lot of seriousness and he wouldn't want his actions to affect the council.

An article had been written in Taifa Leo indicating that Cpt (Rtd) Kung'u had revealed that GEMA had taken an oath in 1969 to never allow the Jaramogi bloodline to ascend to the presidency.

According to the article, Muigai had allegedly stated that those who had taken the oath should be cleansed before supporting Raila Odinga else they will face the wrath of their ancestors.

Speaking to the press yesterday, Kung'u clarified that Uhuru was about 8 years old when the oath was taken and he was not involved in any manner.

Captain (Rtd) Kung'u Muigai
Captain (Rtd) Kung'u Muigai speaking at a Church event on July 4, 2019.