Hasmukh Patel

Hasmukh Patel is an accomplished industrialist and a philanthropist.

Patel is the founder of one of Kenya's biggest cement manufacturers, Mombasa Cement.

He is also the director of Corrugated Iron Sheets in Kenya and Tororo Cement which is based in Uganda.

Through his foundation Hasmukh Patel Foundation, Patel has supported needy students across the country with scholarships. He has also sponsored various charitable causes across various industries.

As a philanthropist, Patel has championed environmental conservation with the most notable one being an initiative where he supported the transformation of Kibarani Dumpiste in Mombasa into a park. 

He has also contributed to the health sector by contributing towards improving healthcare infrastructure and promoting access to healthcare for underprivileged communities.

For his efforts, Patel received the Order of the Burning Spear in 2021 and was appointed as a Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Director.