Timothy Kimani is a comedian who has largely been the face of the video content creation that is both fun to watch and commercial. 

Being one of the pioneer Youtubers in Kenya, he has inspired a host of vloggers who have carved a niche that has upset traditional TV viewership. 

In July 2019, he was feted with the Humour Recognition Award: Online Creator, for his exploits on the digital space.

His has been innovative enough to ensure his content matches the form, feel and function and media where it appears.

"One day while trying to figure out how to kill boredom, we just whipped out our phones and started recording ourselves goofing around and posted them on our social media pages. It got a lot of traction so we did another. The more videos we posted, the more views we got and my numbers started growing. Shortly thereafter, brands started asking if they could do product placements on our videos," - Njugush.