Zuleikha Hassan

The Kwale Woman Representative studied at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Development and Social Transformation with coursework in the fields of Environmental and Geographic Sciences, Gender Studies, History, Politics, Social Anthropology and Sociology.

She stole headlines when she was ordered out of Parliament in August 2019 for carrying her 5-month-old baby into the chambers.  

Her ingenious move as the world marked the end of the World Breastfeeding Week to highlight the plight of breastfeeding mothers in the workplace, was lauded by thousands of Kenyans.

She went on to champion a bill that proposed that employers give mothers regular breaks lasting no more than 40 minutes every four hours.

Her plight was also highlighted in various international media as many countries joined in the debate of the rights of young mothers. 

In 2017, Parliament unanimously passed a bill that sought to compel employers with more than 30 employees to create special rooms for lactating mothers to change and breastfeed their babies.