Mishi Mboko

Mishi Mboko Likoni

Mishi Mboko Juma Khamisi is a Member of Parliament representing Likoni Constituency. She trounced former MP Masudi Mwahima in the 2017 elections. 

Mishi, who is ODM’s Director of Elections, has been at loggerheads with her Malindi counterpart Aisha Jumwa, who shifted her allegiance from Raila to Ruto which has allowed Mishi to gain prominence in the ODM hierarchy in the coastal region.

Mishi replaced Jumwa as the representative to the Parliamentary Service Commission after ODM cracked the whip on errant members.

The Likoni legislature is one of the loyal allies of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. She came to the defense of Joho when in mid-2020, Mishi laid to rest rumors that Joho was planning to leave ODM.

In February, Mboko filed a Notice of Motion asking parliament to extend the tenure of Kazi Mtaani Initiative. 

She said the programme, which has allowed over 200,000 youth to earn a living from community work, has helped sustain and feed families in the face of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mishi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and Public Relations from Moi University and was previously the Mombasa County Women Representative from 2013 to 2017.

She is a member of several National Assembly committees including House Business, Departmental Committee on Lands and the Constituencies Development Committee.