John Kamau

John Kamau is a Kenyan Journalist, Historian and Biographer author currently with the Daily Nation.

In 2019, Kamau was recognised for his stories; Fertiliser politics: How Kenya’s bid for a factory was sabotaged, and Magadi saga exposes the ugly side of capitalism, published on the Sunday Nation at the Annual Journalism Excellence Awards.

He authored the Biography; Mwai Kibaki in Parliament and co-authored Mwai Kibaki: 50 Years of National Service.

John Kamau was feted Journalist of the Year 2015.

Lulu Hassan

Lulu Hassan is a celebrated Citizen TV Swahili news anchor. She co-hosts the Nipashe Wikendi bulletin with her husband Rashid Abdallah.

When she is not anchoring the news, she is either chasing a human-interest feature or leading the production of award-winning Swahili soap operas under her company Jiffy Pictures. 

In 2019, Lulu aired a feature series titled Prison Diaries, where she helped family members reconcile with their loved ones.

Njogu wa Njoroge

Njogu wa Njoroge is a vernacular presenter at Kameme TV.

He has a huge following among the Gikuyu language speakers and started his career as a media personality in 2001, when he auditioned for a football commentator job on KBC.

Njogu has emerged as a shrewd mobiliser who has raised funds for various causes. 

Yvonne Okwara

Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara is one who is never shy to speak her thoughts. She is a fearless lady, who will call out a politician or anyone in authority for something that they have done wrong.

She is known for her elaborate Explainer segment, and tough stand on News Gang’s Yvonne’s Take alongside other notable journalists including Linus Kaikai, Joe Ageyo, Jamila Mohammed and Francis Gachuri.

Brenda Wanga

Brenda Mulinya Wanga is a celebrated reporter working at NTV Kenya.

She has years of experience after joining the industry at a very young age.

Brenda is married to footballer Allan Wanga, who plays for AFC Leopards.

Debarl Inea

Debarl Inea is a journalist at NTV Kenya.

He hosts the morning show AM Live. 

Debarl came to the limelight after participating in the famous show Tusker Project Fame (TPF).

Alex Mwangi

Alex Mwangi is a reporter at NTV Kenya which is owned by Nation Media Group.

Mwangi is also known for his agenda-setting reporting on different topics.

He is a young and diverse reporter.

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