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Born in Nairobi as the 5th born in a family of six children (one brother and four sisters), Samuel Kuria spent his primary education in a number of schools, considering that his family constantly moved.

He began at Bidii primary (Nairobi), Kampala Primary (Molo), Crater Primary then completed his formative education at Molo Academy. For his secondary education he attended Kirangari High School.

SK Blue had his new birth experience while still young but he did not fully appreciate the seriousness of his decision. It took him a while, but eventually he begun to mature and understand the foundations of salvation. He has since developed a steady walk with the lord.He grew up in a Christian home and this was a sobering catalyst in his life.

Even though music seemed to run through the family (his uncle being a recording artist), SK Blue seemed to stumble into music. His heart was very much into ministry, and he would perform as a way to entertain and prepare his audience before preaching of the word.

No doubt he is not your average gospel act, his heart is very tender towards the call the he feels Lord has placed on his life.

He settled for the name SK blue as a result of a life-changing out-of-body experience he had at the age of 12 when he says Jesus transported him to Heaven. He the Lord confirmed that he had been ordained for an assignment as a praise and worshiper; to preach the good news to the ends of the world. The stage name SK Blue holds the theme of his ministry; SK are his initials while Blue is symbolic - with reference to the gates of the tabernacle. Blue was one of the three colours used in the tabernacle. He states that Blue symbolizes Jesus Christ:

•  Jesus the chief reconciler

•  Blue is symbolic of his Kingship authority

He seriously began his pursuit in music around 1998 while still in high school. Though he was a sort after teacher of the scriptures, his singing exploits were preceding him. Today an accomplished reggae artiste, SK blue started out in RnB. He made his professional music debut in 2001 when he teamed up with Phatstix, who produced Hold me. He then got together with Rufftone to record Tunajipa at Ogopa studios, which rocked the East African airwaves. The reception to this song was good and he immediately started working on his 1 st album The Sakata Ministry which featured Vita and Sakata Anthem, the former featuring Daddy Owen.

SK blue has the passion to reconcile prodigals to the Lord through his music, touching the hearts of Christians and non-christians alike to rise up and possess the land that is laid up for them. Bible reading and prayer are an integral part of his walk.

His efforts in the gospel industry have not gone unnoticed, he has bagged a handful of awards. He won the American Gospel Music Awards (International artiste) in 2004 , Groove awards (producer of the year) 2004 & 2005 , Groove Awards (artiste of the year) 2005.

SK blue has shared the stage with the legendary Chevelle Franklin, Lukas Simari, Prodigal Sons, VUC, Milele and many others.

He has had the privilege to extensively tour the USA and Uganda. His tour to the USA was an informative one as he was offered a very lucrative recording contract; one he unashamedly turned down since the record company wanted him to switch to secular. Even though he turned them down, the record company exposed him to the rigours of both planning and running big events, as well as the importance of authenticity in order to break into the international market.

The Kenyan gospel music industry has grown by leaps and bounds since his debut. According to him, the producers have matured artistically and variety has been established. Debuting musicians have an easier time breaking in today, as opposed to when he was starting out.

On the 1st of January 2006, SK Blue launched his sophomore set, Prophecy, produced by Sakata's own Mike Olome. The event, held at the Nyayo National Stadium Handball grounds was very well attended, with the ecstatic crowd lapping out the bigger and better sound from this gifted astist.

Sakata Ministry used the event to lauch Sakat Store, a new music distribution venture.

No doubt with his heart for ministry and immense talent, we have not heard the last of SK Blue. If anything, it may be just the beginning.

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