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Abbas grew up in the hood of Kariobangi South on the outskirts of Nairobi. Abbas' musical career started out in the mid 90’s when he would regularly perform at Florida 2000 Jam showcasing his talent alongside other upcomin artists on Sunday afternoons. Abbas teamed up with his older brother KC and fellow rapper Bamboo to form the pioneering Kenyan hip hop group 'K-South'. Together the three of them took East Africa by storm. They released two critically acclaimed albums, ‘Nairoberry’ and ‘Nairobism.’ In 2005 Abbas launched his Solo career. His first solo album 'Angabanga' was a great success and his efforts were recognized when he won the 'Chat' awards in 2007 and 'Best Male Hip-Hop Artist of the Year' at the Kisima awards in 2008. In 2010, Abbas released his 2nd solo album 'Mister Abbas' where he collaborated with artists such as Nazizi, Prezzo, Cannibal, Wyre, Nikki and DNG. Ghettoholic is the working title for the latest solo album by Abbas, due to released in 2014. Featuring guest artists B-Man, Apondi and Harry Kimani, it also reunites Abbas and Bamboo together on track for the first time since they both returned to Kenya from their exploits abroad.

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