Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources

This Ministry is the successor to three Ministries under the previous Administration:  Ministry of Water, Ministry of Wildlife and Forestry, and Ministry of Environment & Mineral Resources.   However, it does not have responsibility over Mining and Irrigations as the two functions are now under separate Ministries.

This Ministry will be responsible for policies and programmes aimed at improving, maintaining, protecting, conserving and managing the richness of Kenya’s natural resources including water, forestry, wildlife and environment.  In addition, it will tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that Kenyans have good access to clean, safe, adequate and reliable water supply.

Other Key Officers:

Water Department
Director of Administration
Mr. David Jakaiti

Director of Water Storage and Land Reclamation
Eng. Robinson K. Ngatia

Director of Water Resources
Eng. John Rao Nyaoro

Accounts Controller
Mr. Jeremiah Matoke

Head of Finance
Ms. Melisa Musoma

Head of Water Services and Development Programme
Eng. F. K. Kyego

Environment & Natural Resources
Senior Director of Administration
Amb. Julius Khandie

Environment Secretary
Dr. Alice Kandia

Conservation Secretary
Mr. Gideon Gathaara

Wildlife Secretary
Mr. Stephen Maneng’ene

Water Boards:

  • Rift Valley Water Services Board
  • Kenya Water Institute
  • Athi Water Services Board
  • National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation
  • Tana Water Services Board
  • National Irrigation Board
  • Tanathi Water Services Board
  • Coastal Water Services Board
  • Lake Victoria South Water Services Board
  • Lake Victoria North Water Services Board
  • Northern Water Services Board
  • Water Resources Management Authority
  • Water Services Trust Fund
  • Water Services Regulatory Board
  • Water Appeals Board

• Collaboration with Wildlife Clubs of Kenya
• Conservation and Protection of National Wildlife
• Coordination of Climate Change Affairs
• Dam Construction Schemes Management
• Development of Forests, Re-afforestation and Agroforestry
• Environmental Policy Management
• Flood control and Land Reclamation
• Forestry Development Policy Management 
• Kenya Forestry Services
• Management of Lake Victoria Basin and Environment Programmes

• Management of Marine Parks
• Management of Public Water Schemes and Community Water Project
• Meteorological Management
• Meteorological Training
• National Environment Management
• Protection and Regulation of Marine Ecosystems
• Regional Development Authority Policy
• Restoration of Lake Naivasha Basin
• Restoration of Strategic Water Towers
• Sanitation Management
• Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Policy Management
• Water and Sewerage Services Policy Management
• Water Catchment Area Conservation, Control and Protection
• Water Quality and Pollution Control
• Water Resources Management Policy
• Wildlife Conservation Policy Management Institutions
• Coast Development Authority
• Ewaso Nyiro North Development Authority
• Imarisha Lake Naivasha Management Board
• Kenya Forest Service
• Kenya Forestry Research Institute
• Kenya Meteorological Department
• Kenya Meteorological Training Institute
• Kenya Water Institute
• Kenya Wildlife Services
• Kerio Valley Development Authority
• Lake Basin Development Authority
• National Environment Trust
• National Environmental Management Authority
• National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation
• Tana and Athi River Development Authority
• Tanathi, Lake Victoria, North & South Rift Valley, Coast & Northern Water Service Boards
• Water Appeals Tribunal
• Water Catchment Conservation Agency
• Water Resources Management Authority
• Water Services Boards
• Water Services Trust Fund
• Water Services Regulatory Board

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