Ruto & Macron Discuss Infrastructure Projects and France's Support for Kenya-Led Mission in Haiti

UN Security Council Decides On Kenya’s Mission to Send 1000 Police To Haiti
Photo Collage of UN Security Council (left), President William Ruto (In Circle) and a gang in Haiti (Right)
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President William Ruto has garnered additional crucial support for deploying Kenyan troops to the multinational mission in Haiti.

The Head of State secured this backing after meeting French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the G7 summit, where they engaged in discussions regarding deployment-related matters.

During their meeting, Macron assured President Ruto of France's support in deploying Kenya's police force to the conflict-stricken Caribbean nation.

“Glad that France is supporting Kenya in the United Nations Kenya-led mission for Haiti," remarked President Ruto after the meeting.

President William Ruto and his France counterpart Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Friday June 23, 2023
President William Ruto and his France counterpart Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Friday, June 23, 2023.

He also promised to support Kenya's infrastructure projects such as the construction of railway lines and the enhancement of the country's energy sector

“I had a productive engagement with the French President on various areas of cooperation between our two countries. We discussed several infrastructure projects including railway development and energy,” Ruto stated.

Macron's support for Kenya's mission to Haiti followed minutes after President Ruto called on the G7 leaders to intensify their efforts to restore peace in the Caribbean nation.

Ruto while addressing the summit, reiterated the need for urgency in deploying troops to Haiti.

"In every collective endeavour, let us scale up the benefits of a G7-Africa partnership to reach and transform every part of the world," Ruto stated.

"This is why Kenya calls on the G7 to urgently support the multinational security support mission to Haiti."

The deployment is set to take place within the next two weeks amidst legal and logistical constraints that have since marred the whole process.

In a recent church service in Nakuru, the president clarified that Kenya would honour its commitment to restore peace in Haiti.

President William Ruto (right) and Haiti PM Garry Conille.
President William Ruto (left) and Haiti PM Garry Conille.