Are Men Who Marry Plus-size Women Always Happy?

  • Most of the time, plump women are often misjudged on the basis of their size and physical appearance.

    Reports by multiple international media houses, however, claim that men who marry plus-size women tend to have a happier life as compared to those who marry slim women.

    According to the publications, findings of the research conducted by Dr Filemón Alvarado and Dr Edgardo Morales of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) department of psychology, indicated that most chubby women are more open and affectionate which makes them more involving, hence, a happy relationship.

    This, according to the alleged research, makes their men 10 times happier than those married to the slender.

    Secondly, plus-size women are said to shine with positivity which is infectious.

    Thirdly, the survey showed that the plump ladies smile more and are better at dealing with problems.

    Lastly, the well-rounded women were found to be better at anticipating their partner needs and hence make a good couple.

    The said research noted that slim women are often reserved, more unfriendly and less expressive with their emotions making them hard nuts to crack in relationships.

    In view of the above findings, the researchers concluded that men who marry plump women live longer, smile more and are always happy in their relationships and general lives.

    However, could not independently verify the authenticity of the said research and whether the researchers mentioned above actually exist.

    After thorough research online, no name and contents of the research, and that of the researchers came up and we could not ascertain that Alvarado and Morales actually worked at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).