13 Swing Counties That Would Decide Kenya's Next President

  • By Jared Too on Monday, 19 June 2017 - 10:21am
    President Uhuru Kenyatta (Right) and Opposition chief Raila Odinga Facebook
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Super Alliance (NASA) flag bearer Raila Odinga are bracing themselves for a win in 13 Counties billed as swing areas that could tilt the tide for the two presidential front-runners.

    According to sources, President Kenyatta and Opposition chief Odinga are both focussing their attention on the vote-rich swing areas while consolidating their strongholds.

    Of the 13 swing counties, Odinga won in seven of them during the 2013 elections while Kenyatta took six.

    Odinga was, however, beaten by Kenyatta based on the turnout. He averaged a turnout rate of about 83 percent compared to counties won by Uhuru that averaged 89.7 percent.

    Uhuru also won big, averaging 86 percent of the votes in comparison to Odinga’s average vote share of 70 per cent in 27 counties.

    Here are the counties with data from the 2013 general election

    1. West Pokot

    Kenyatta won with 79,772 against Odinga's 24,952.

    2. Nairobi

    Odinga won with 691,156 beating Kenyatta 659,490,

    3. Turkana

    Odinga 68,402 against Uhuru’s 30,285,

    4. Samburu

    Odinga won with 31,086 against Kenyatta’s 22,085,

    5. Trans Nzoia

    Odinga won with 92,035 against Kenyatta's 74,466,

    6. Wajir

    Odinga also won garnering 49,712 against Kenyatta's 38,927,

    7. Narok

    In Narok Odinga won with 118,623 against Uhuru’s 109,413.

    8. Mandera

    Kenyatta got 94,433 against Raila’s 4,366,

    9. Kajiado

    Uhuru garnered 138, 851 against Raila’s 117,856.

    10. Isiolo

    Uhuru, 26,401 against Raila’s 14,108

    11. Kisii

    Uhuru lost to Odinga in the County by garnering 95,596 against his 236,831

    12. Bomet

    Kenyatta won with 210,501 against Odinga's 10,463

    13. Tharaka Nithi

    In Tharaka Nithi, Kenyatta bagged 128,397 against Odinga's 7,120

    NASA claims that if the 2013 voting patterns were to be maintained, Odinga would emerge victorious.

    The zones won by Odinga during those polls currently have 10,547,913 registered voters, compared to 7,556,609 in the counties where Uhuru prevailed.

    These voter registration figures are what led NASA to create the controversial slogan “10 Million Strong”.

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