Gor Mahia Player Nichodemus Arudhi Was Kenya's Most Wanted Gangster

A famous Gor Mahia player who played for the National team for 10 years was Kenya's most wanted man in the 90’s.

Daniel Odhiambo who referred to himself by his father's names, Nicodemus Arudhi, led a double life both on the pitch and in the underworld.

Arudhi was a great player who played three international matches for Kenya against Togo, Mali and Cameroon in the 1972 Africa Cup of Nations against Mali.

He had been jailed several times and was once charged with murder.

Most of his colleagues knew about his other life as they had seen a pistol on him several times

They also noticed that Arudhi had an unusually large amount of money considering football didn’t pay anything but allowances at the time. 

According to one of his colleagues, the player once stole an expensive suit from a man when they were in Paris.

The player never missed practice unless he was in prison, or was forced to jump over the stadium fence because the officers were after him.

He spent most of his life in Kamiti prison and had many run-ins with the law, but many of them were unrecorded.

In 1965, Arudhi was temporarily released from prison for a football game at City Stadium and among his spectators was a heavily armed contingent of prison wardens. 

The footballer's life ended tragically in June 1981 after he offered to show police officers where he hid his guns but decided to escape prompting the police to gun him down.

The government, however, paid Sh250,000 to Arudhi's family as compensation.

[caption caption="Nicodemus Arudhi during one of the football games"][/caption]

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