President Uhuru Kenyatta Tells AU Envoy Raila Odinga Plans to Cause Postponement of August Election

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reported National Super Alliance flag bearer Raila Odinga to the African Union.

Addressing a group of AU observers at Statehouse on Thursday, Kenyatta claimed that the Opposition was planning to sabotage the General Elections.

He told to the team led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki that the NASA leaders were not interested in fair polls and the many court cases were just a ploy to give them a victory in the election.

“We have persistently declared we are ready to accept the will of the people but the Opposition adamantly refuses to submit itself to that commitment. The reason is simple; subversion of the will of Kenyans," Kenyatta stated.

He further accused the Opposition coalition of planning to cause chaos by their constant attacks on those in charge of security and elections in the country.

Assuring that the polls would be free, fair and credible, he stated that the responsibility of securing the election and the country lies with the government.

The Head of State, however, insisted that he would honour the Constitution and affirmed the elections would be held on August 8 adding that he had made many compromises in preparing for the polls.

Earlier, the NASA coalition had suffered a blow in court after the Court of Appeal quashed a ruling by the High court directing that IEBC cancels the presidential ballot tender awarded to Dubai - based firm Al Ghurair

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