NASA's Raila Odinga to be Sued in 3 International Courts

  • By Miriam Musyoki on Monday, 18 September 2017 - 12:25pm
    international justice
    NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga courtesy
  • French biometrics company OT-Morpho says it will sue National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders including presidential candidate Raila Odinga for defamation.

    The French firm that runs IEBC servers has conveyed plans to charge the Opposition leader with libel, defamation and slander in three international courts - Paris, Washington, London - and also in Kenya.

    Mr Odinga has accused OT-Morpho of having played a role in a conspiracy to deny him victory during the August 8 elections, insisting that their system was hacked.

    In a letter to the French government, NASA leaders asked for the Paris-based firm to be investigated together with the South African firm, Saffran.

    "Initiate criminal investigations against the companies and their officials who may have acted in complicity and connived to undermine the will of the people of Kenya," a letter dated September 7 and signed by NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi read in part.  

    OT-Morpho's Chief Operating Officer Frederic Beylier has since denied the claims saying that the Opposition leaders have sullied the company's reputation with unsubstantiated accusations.

    "We do not intend to become the scapegoat of the political situation in Kenya. We do not accept the reputation of OT-Morpho and its employees to be tainted in any way by these allegations. This has to come to an end," Beylier said during an interview with Bloomberg.

    In a statement, OT-Morpho Director for Africa and the Middle East Olivier Charlanes maintained that the Kenya Integrated Management System (KIEMS) kits were not tampered with.

    "The system deployed in the delivery of the results employs proven technologies that we’ve used in elections in other countries.

    "The system used in Kenya wasn’t pirated. It wasn’t an attempt to interfere, and we’ve passed on all the logs to be analysed by experts commissioned by the Supreme Court," his statement read in part.

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