Chiloba Lied To Commissioners on IEBC Servers - Akombe Exposes

  • Former IEBC Commissioner Roselyn Akombe has implicated CEO Ezra Chiloba in the alleged breaches on the electoral body's servers.

    According to Dr Akombe, the Chief Executive hoodwinked the commissioners concerning the servers ahead of the August 8 elections.

    "Chiloba and his team misled the commissioners about what was happening with the servers.

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    "When the chairman recommended their dismissal, he was out-voted so we couldn’t implement the changes necessary to carry out credible elections," Dr Akombe accused.

    She believes that Mr Chiloba led other members of the Secretariat to provide the wrong information to the Commissioners.

    Speaking to Nation, the ex-Commissioner revealed that the compromised Commissioners and members of the Secretariat have been bribed by politicians.

    "Decisions are made somewhere else and passed on for ratification and implementation.

    "Commissioners and senior staff at the secretariat are put in line through bribery and threats. If you don’t agree with them then your life is in danger," Akombe revealed.

    Dr Akombe defended herself, re-stating that she had tried to propose changes at the electoral body during her tenure at the Commission.

    "The other commissioners shot down every suggestion I made to level the playing field as had been recommended by the Supreme Court, so my position in the commission became untenable because I knew we were not complying with the court orders," she reiterated.

    She added that there were naysayers who tried to discourage her from the time she took up the office.

    "In many ways, my plan to come back to the US started as soon as I got the commission job because while I believed I got the job because I [was] qualified, there were those who wanted to make me feel that I was undeserving of the job.

    "In essence, they wanted me to be beholden to them," she intimated.

    In an explosive memo that leaked from the commission in September, Chairman Wafula Chebukati had sought an explanation from Chiloba concerning 12 serious issues that were raised during the Supreme Court case.

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    Among some of the errors, the CEO was indicted with was having contradicted the electoral body's official position during the proceedings of the 2017 Raila Odinga petition.  

    Mr Chebukati also demanded an explanation on why the Chairman's name had been used to create an account, against his knowledge, that conducted 9,934 transactions two days to the August polls.

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    CEO Chiloba has since taken leave from the commission, a move the Commissioners maintain won't affect their operations.

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