Government to Shut Down Shisha Joints to Curb Addiction by Women

With an increase in the number of women who smoke shisha, the government on Tuesday vowed to crack its whip and deal with clubs that sell the drug.

A report filed by Tobacco Control Board revealed that Nairobi was the main consumer of the product and more worrying is that young women are addicted to shisha.

Isabella Karanja, a board member at TCB, stated that there were concerns after investigations revealed that shisha was being combined with other illegal drugs and sold to consumers.

“Inside the shisha pot there is a mixture of so many illegal drugs among them heroin, cocaine, and bhang leading to its addiction and unfortunately addiction to numerous drugs,” Ms Karanja stated.

[caption caption="A woman smoking shisha"][/caption]

Ms Karanja further remarked that women were the victims especially those of child-bearing age since they experienced complications during childbirth and some extreme cases of stillbirths.

Men were also reported to have been affected by this lifestyle choice with most of them recording low sperm count.

Ms Karanja issued a strong warning to club owners and declared war on them for infringing on the rights of citizens.

Health Services Chief Officer Samuel Mwaura issued a warning to clubs for promoting smoking which affects people who do not engage in the practice.

“They have been allowing people to smoke in the premises and lying to them that the substances they are selling are not harmful, they will now have to face the law,” Dr. Mwaura warned.

[caption caption="Tobacco Control Board members during a press briefing"][/caption]

The Tobacco Control Board members were speaking during the launch of the sensitization programme on the harmful use of tobacco adding that those caught selling sweets and biscuits laced with drugs will face the law.

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