Why President Uhuru Kenyatta Will Be Given Sugarcane During Swearing-in

A farmer contracted by the Mumias Sugar Company has promised to give President Uhuru Kenyatta pieces of sugarcane during his inauguration set for Tuesday, November 28.

Asman Ogoti stated that he had decided to reward President Kenyatta over his efforts to revive the cash-strapped Mumias Company.

Ogoti noted that he had uprooted cane from his piece of land due to lack of payments but was now benefitting from the crop after the government bailed out the company.

He stated that the sugarcane reward was the only gift he could raise to reward the Head of State.

“The only gift I can afford are these pieces of cane. We are grateful that cane farming is now profitable, thanks to his (President Uhuru) efforts,” Ogoti stated.

[caption caption="Asman Ogoti parking cane at Mayala village in Mumias East"][/caption]

"I will link up with one of my relatives who knows Nairobi well to take me to the event. I have confidence that I will reach him (Uhuru) and present my gift,” he added.

Mumias reopened a month ago after eight months of closure and is now crushing cane having changed its marketing strategies to persuade more farmers to resume planting the crop.

The miller now reportedly pays farmers within seven days of delivering their cane to the factory.

In July, President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto delivered a Sh500 Million cheque to pay farmers and the cash was partly used for maintenance of the factory.

The government has so far spent Sh3.7 Billion to revive the miller which was on the verge of permanent closure.

[caption caption="President Uhuru Kenyatta presents Sh1 Billion cheque to Mumias Sugar"][/caption]