4 Pillars Uhuru Announced in His Jamhuri Day Speech

President Uhuru Kenyatta on December 12 led Kenyans in celebrating Jamhuri Day at Kasarani Stadium.

The President, who was recently sworn-in following the Supreme Court ruling to uphold his win after the October 26 election, made several promises in his speech during the celebrations.

In what he called the four pillars of his administration, he highlighted how his leadership will see that he fulfills the promises he made to the citizens during his campaign.

During his 2nd term, the President has promised to dedicate his time, energy and resources to the achievement of the 'big 4'.

According to Kenyatta, the promises will ensure that Kenyans get employment which will in turn improve the diginity of the Kenyan people.

1. Expansion of Manufacturing Sector

The President promised to increase the creation of jobs through the expansion of the manufacturing sector which will be producing better goods.

He emphasized that political stability and harmoniuos labour relations are a bedrock in boosting the manufacturing industries.

President Kenyatta assured that his administration will focus on four sub-sectors in the manufacturing expansion: the blue economy, agro-processing, leather and textile industries.

In the blue economy, he directed the Ministry of Defence and Agriculture to suspend all the international trollers licences in the Kenyan territorial waters until they comply with the country's requirements for local input.

The government intends to make leather products in Kenya increasing the employment opportunities for the youth.

He directed that the boots belonging to the disciplined forces be purchased from local industries with effect from the next financial year 2018/2019.

[caption caption="President Kenyatta inspecting a guard of honour at Kasarani Stadium"][/caption]

 2. Affordable Housing

The President promised to make each Kenyan a home owner.

He intends to have over 500,000 Kenyans owning their own homes by the end of his term.

According to Kenyatta, this will be done by reducing the cost of morgages, raising low cost funds in both private and public for investment in large scale house construction and cutting the cost of construction by use of innovative ways and materials.

He further promised to continue issuing more title deeds adding that this plan will ensure that more people are employed.

3. Affordable Healthcare

President Kenyatta announced, among other things, that he intends to have his administration provide medical cover to each Kenyan by 2022.

The government will review the rules governing private insurances to bring the cost of cover within the rich of every Kenyan.

[caption caption="Kenyans attending Jamhuri Day celebrations at Kasarani Stadium"][/caption]

4. Food Security

In his speech, Mr Kenyatta promised that the government will continue to encourage large-scale commercial farming to increase and diversify the staples in the country through irrigation and other technologies.

The President noted that the small scale farmers will get better extentions to accesing the market, and subsidies will be redesigned to increase food yields and improve qualities.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation is to release terms under which farmers can lease government land for agricultural use to better the production of the country.

He reitarated that for all this to happen, the country will need skills from which the Ministry of Education has brought in the new curriculum to ensure children are able to compete well among others.

The Head of State called on all Kenyans to pursue peace and unity as that is what will propel the country forward.